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The Heritage of The Grand View Hotel

Grand View Hotel 1930

The Grand View Hotel was built in 1851 by Francis Bigge and originally named "The Brighton Hotel". It's original purpose was that of a Hotel or Inn (as the area at that time was in need of some) and was highly regarded as an establishment "Ideal for invalids and families due to it's ideal location."


Francis Bigge

The house is built of brick and contains seven large rooms besides kitchen and service apartments. The buildings are all new and furnished in the best style. A deep verandah runs around the house and all doors and windows are fitted with venetians. It is delightfully situated and commands an extensive view of Moreton Bay and of its many Islands. The invigorating sea breeze and beauty of scenery would induce healthful recreation and enjoyment.


The Brighton Hotel 1871

Cleveland was proclaimed a Township on 13 December 1850.

By 1851 the incentive to buy in Cleveland was growing as the price of land was far less than that of Brisbane. It was at this time Francis Bigge purchased the land upon which the Grand View Hotel now stands.


An early view of Shore Street

In July 1851 the name of Cleveland was bestowed on Emu Point by James Warner in honour of the Duke of Cleveland.

Communication was established between Emu Point (as it was then known) and the mainland sometime after 1823 and the first construction took place by way of a stone jetty built by convict labour at the extreme end of the Point in 1830. This was constructed for the purpose of unloading provisions from Sydney brought by steamer and which were then transported by road to Brisbane. The first "track" or "Government Road" connecting Emu Point and Brisbane was surveyed in 1840 and  became known as the Cleveland Point Road and latterly, "Old Cleveland Road".

Cleveland Jetty

Rivalry between Brisbane and Emu Point as to the main Port grew especially with respect to the wool-growers, as use of the Brisbane Port brought about a tax, hence, the push for Emu Point as a main Port began. Bigge established a warehouse whom he leased to Merchants, Robert Graham & Co, however, not long after the tenancy commenced, the Brig, the Courier (a transport ship) containing a large shipment of wool and coconut oil was destroyed by fire, hence the warehouse was then vacated. Arson was suspected and a reward of 250 offered.

In 1855 Bigge leased the Hotel to John Cassim for the rest and health interests of "Invalids and Families" as earlier described. Cassim continued to run the Hotel until 1860 when he then built the Cleveland Hotel on land adjacent toward the point.

By 1862 the name "Brighton Hotel" was adopted. It was from this time the Hotel became popular as a seaside resort and hence, fashionable among the more prosperous settlers.

Cleveland School

The building was once again extended sometime in the 1870's.

Francis Bigge returned to England in the early 1870's leaving people by the name of Andrew and Mary Goodall in charge of the Hotel whom in 1878 then bought it from him. Transfer of ownership taking place at the Brisbane Titles  Office on 22/05/1878. Francis Bigge never returned to Australia, he remained in England until his death in 1916.

Children at the Old Courthouse which was used for some time as a Sunday School and built by Francis Bigge

By 1889 the rail link from Albert (now known as Woolloongabba) to Cleveland Central was opened for traffic.

Some time before the turn of the century, the Hotel was remodelled to assume its present form. It is believed that this took place at the same time the rail link was opened. The rail link further extended in 1897 when the line extended further towards the Point.

The Grand View Hotel

Although this time Cleveland's popularity and reputation had grown as the pleasure resort of Brisbane, hopes soon diminished by the opening of the rail link in 1903 to Tweed Heads. The sea bathing and surfing at Coolangatta and Southport as well as Hotel accommodation was far superior to that of Cleveland and hence, local Councils then promoted those resorts over Cleveland.

The Brighton Family Boarding House 1871

The Hotel's name was changed to the Grand View Hotel in 1910.

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